About B@4k

I live in Twain Harte, CA at just about 4,000 feet. I chose this as the title for my site because lots of people live at this elevation or vacation here and baking at this elevation creates complications. One day I plan to write a book about it.

Substitute one cup wheat flour.

Substitute one cup wheat flour.

The very first thing I noticed upon moving here was that things, which I baked in my shiny light colored pans, didn’t get brown on top. I didn’t know, it is possible to over cook something and still not have it look done. I’ve never discovered how to fix the problem, I just went out and bought dark pans. Problem solved.

There are many little tweaks and things I will share with you. The recipes posted unless otherwise stated, will be regular recipes that you can make anywhere, with additional notes on what to do for higher elevations. These are recipes that I have made several times over and work out well for me, not all recipes included are for baking but the majority of them are.

Once you get the hang of it, you will be making anything and everything you ever wanted, all it takes is practice, a little help from a friend and a stocked pantry. Let’s get started.